Sink Scrubbers

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What author was born in 1835, a year during which Halley's Comet was visible from Earth, and then famously stated that he hoped to die in 1910, the next year of the comet's predicted reappearance?
Rudyard Kipling
Jack London
H.G. Wells
Mark Twain
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What was the first name of the character known as "Coach", the Bar Keepers (Sam Malone) friend on the TV sitcom Cheers?
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The name "Ajax" has its origins in which of the following?
Greek mythology
A 1950s cartoon character
A 1930s Automobile Model
The Periodic Table of Elements
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What U.S. President's childhood nickname, "Dutch", was also used in the title of a 1999 biography written with his consent?
Jimmy Carter
George H.W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
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What pop group had a Top 20 Billboard hit single in 1975 with "S.O.S."?
Starland Vocal Band
KC and the Sunshine Band
Silver Convention