5 Questions: Modern Family

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In what city did Dr. Luisa Delgado run the Rittenhouse Health Center on Lifetime TV's original series Strong Medicine?
San Diego
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What type of business was the title character involved with in the 1988 autobiographical film Tucker: The Man and His Dream?
Film making
Automobile manufacturing
Luxury resorts
Fashion design
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Which of the following frequently-quoted movie lines was made famous by Haley Joel Osment?
"They're heeere!"
"Goonies never say 'die'!"
"I see dead people."
"Say hello to my little friend."
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What was the only novel written by Margaret Mitchell that was published during the author's lifetime?
Gone with the Wind
Uncle Tom's Cabin
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
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What singer/songwriter composed the garage band classic "Gloria"?
Van Morrison
Lou Reed
Eric Burdon
Richie Havens