Six Geese A-Laying

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Which of the following TV sitcoms featured a character named "Six Lemeure", played by Jenna von Oy?
Step by Step
Full House
The Cosby Show
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What 1996 film starred Academy Award-winning actress Anna Pacquin as a young girl who taught a flock of Canadian geese how to migrate?
The Birdcage
Broken Arrow
Fly Away Home
Life Is Beautiful
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What singer was inspired to write and record (along with the Edwin Hawkins Singers) "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" after performing at Woodstock and witnessing thousands of audience members holding candles up in the air?
Joni Mitchell
Janis Joplin
Joan Baez
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The Six Flags Amusement Park chain originated in what U.S. state?
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Hubert "Geese" Ausbie played professional basketball for 24 years for which of the following teams?
Detroit Pistons
Washington Generals
Harlem Globetrotters
Milwaukee Bucks