Seven Swans a-Swimming

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What comedian is famous for a monologue entitled "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television"?
Sam Kinison
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Lenny Bruce
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"Swan Upping" is an annual ceremony in England when mute swans on what river are caught, tagged and released?
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What actor, who'd won medals in swimming events at two different Olympics, portrayed Tarzan, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon on the silver screen?
Johnny Weismuller
Ron Ely
Buster Crabbe
Lex Barker
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Lynn Swann won four Super Bowls as wide receiver for what NFL team?
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots
New York Giants
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What McHale's Navy actor was found dead in his Beverly Hills swimming pool in 1974, the victim of an apparent heart attack at age 49?
Ernest Borgnine
Tim Conway
Joe Flynn
Bob Hastings