Eight Maids a-Milking

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What future Star Wars actor appeared in the pilot episode of the TV series Eight Is Enough but was ultimately replaced after a serious car accident?
Anthony Daniels
Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill
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Maid Marian is a character in which of the following folk tales?
King Arthur
Robin Hood
Arabian Nights
The Pied Piper
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Which former member of The Beatles had a Top 10 Hit Single with "Nobody Told Me" from his 1984 album Milk and Honey?
Ringo Starr
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
George Harrison
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What type of liquor is added to V8 Juice to create a cocktail called a Bloody Eight?
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If you are aboard a boat called The Maid of the Mist, you are visiting which of the following tourist attractions?
Wisconsin Dells
Statue of Liberty
Florida Everglades
Niagara Falls