Dimpled Chads

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Which of the following pieces of sports equipment traditionally has a little over 300 "dimples" on it?
Golf ball
Football cleats
Squash racquet
Rugby ball
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The Republic of Chad is located on what continent?
South America
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What child star played the title character in Dimples, a 1936 film about a pickpocket who used his dancing granddaughter as a distraction while he plucked valuables from innocent bystanders?
Judy Garland
Shirley Temple
Jane Withers
Bonita Granville
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Actor Chad Everett played Dr. Joe Gannon on what TV medical drama series?
Marcus Welby, MD
Medical Center
St. Elsewhere
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What U.S. state was the subject of controversy due to the issue of "hanging chads" on voter punch ballots during the 2000 Bush/Gore Presidential election?
New Hampshire