5 Questions: Fasten-ating

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Button Gwinnett earned a place in U.S. history by being the second person to do what?
Walk on the Moon
Sign the Declaration of Independence
Survive a fall from the Golden Gate Bridge
Break into Fort Knox
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Who is the only person to cross their arms for each finger snap in the opening credits of The Addams Family TV show?
Uncle Fester
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What band incorporated choreography by Paula Abdul into the musical video for their 1986 hit "Velcro Fly"?
Van Halen
ZZ Top
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What National Hockey League team is often referred to by the nickname "The Bolts"?
Tampa Bay Lightning
Carolina Hurricanes
San Jose Sharks
Calgary Flames
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Pinhead is the main antagonist in what horror movie franchise?
Children of the Corn
The Omen
Resident Evil