5 Questions: A Perfect "Match"

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Which of the following celebrities was NOT one of the three regular panel members on TV's The Match Game from 1973 to 1978?
Brett Somers
Paul Lynde
Charles Nelson Reilly
Richard Dawson
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Who founded the online dating site Match.com in 1993?
Neil Clark Warren
Chris Coyne
Steve Case
Gary Kremen
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Who wrote the classic holiday short story "The LIttle Match Girl"?
O. Henry
Clement C. Moore
Hans Christian Andersen
Dylan Thomas
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The song "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" was written for what Broadway musical?
Fiddler on the Roof
The Fantasticks
Promises, Promises
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"Pictures of Matchstick Men" was the only U.S. Top 40 hit for what popular British band?
Status Quo
The Small Faces
The Move
The Spencer Davis Group