Big Dogs

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Peter Wolf (who famously described himself as the "Woofah-Goofah with the Green Teeth" in the prelude to the song "Musta Got Lost") was the lead singer of what band?
Grand Funk Railroad
Brownsville Station
The J. Geils Band
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
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The island of Newfoundland is a province of what country?
The Netherlands
South Africa
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What is the first name of the fictional eight-year-old girl who owns Clifford, the Big Red Dog?
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The 2000 film Coyote Ugly was set in which of the following locations?
A high school
A bar
An Off-Broadway theater
A local beauty pageant
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Which of the following brands of liquor ran a 20-plus year campaign that featured Borzois, or Russian Wolfhounds, in their print ads?
Gilbey's Gin
Wolfschmidt Vodka
Fleischmann's Whiskey
Frangelico Liqueur