5 Questions: Citrus Fruit

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On TV's 30 Rock, it was revealed that Liz Lemon went to elementary school (and performed in a play) with what recording star?
Sheryl Crow
Tori Amos
Liz Phair
Melissa Etheridge
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What conceptual artist published a book of "instructional poetry" in 1964 called Grapefruit?
Marcel Duchamp
George Brecht
Yoko Ono
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Who hit the Top 10 in 1971 with "(Put the Lime in the) Coconut"?
Al Green
Harry Nilsson
Murray Head
Isaac Hayes
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The only commercial airport in Orange County, California, was named for what actor in 1979?
Douglas Fairbanks
Gary Cooper
James Stewart
John Wayne
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Who starred as gunslinger Wyatt Earp in the 1946 film My Darling Clementine?
Joel McCrea
Glenn Ford 
Henry Fonda
Alan Ladd