Little Cats

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What vocal group had a Number One Billboard Pop Hit single in 1964 with "Rag Doll" (which featured the original version of "Silence is Golden" on the B-side)?
The Beach Boys
The Drifters
Jay and the Americans
The Four Seasons
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What actress (who, contrary to legend, was NOT discovered at Schwab's Soda Fountain) was known as The Sweater Girl, thanks to the way she, um, filled out angora garments?
Jane Russell
Lana Turner
Betty Grable
Lauren Bacall
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What is the occupation of Rex Morgan, the title character of the soap-opera syndicated comic strip that has been running since 1948?
Film Critic
Newspaper reporter
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On what TV series would you frequently hear the summons: "Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency, come right away!"?
Medical Center
Petticoat Junction
The Bold Ones
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The so-called Persian Gulf War was triggered by the 1990 invasion of what country by Iraq?
Saudi Arabia