5 Questions: Killer "App"s

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What singer was the long-time roommate of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe?
Deborah Harry
Chrissie Hynde
Joan Jett
Patti Smith
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The Phi Beta Kappa Society was founded in 1776 at what school?
Columbia University
College of William and Mary
University of Pennsylvania
Dartmouth College
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The logo for what brand of beer was featured onscreen in early versions of the arcade game Tapper?
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Who portrayed a high school science teacher who was trying to lead his family to safety from a bio-terrorist attack in the 2008 film The Happening?
Brendan Fraser
Ben Affleck
Mark Wahlberg
Josh Brolin
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"Looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy" is the opening line from what Stevie Wonder hit?
Sir Duke
I Wish
Isn't She Lovely
Living for the City