5 Questions: Poker Face

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What singer starred as accidental radio talk show host Dr. Shirlee in the 1992 film comedy Straight Talk?
Tina Turner
Bette Midler
Dolly Parton
Queen Latifah
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Who was the British au pair who was convicted of shaking a Newton, Massachusetts, infant to death in 1997?
Louise Woodward
Louise Brown
Amanda Knox
Michelle Lambert
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What was the name of Danny Tanner's late wife (and mother of D.J., Stephanie and Michelle) on TV's Full House?
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What singer's 1980 album Flush the Fashion contained the Top 40 single "Clones"?
David Bowie
Elton John
Tom Petty
Alice Cooper
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In the DC Comics universe, what female arch villain serves as The Joker's girlfriend/accomplice?
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Dee Lemma