Break Fast

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What pilot was the first to break the sound barrier (flying at Mach 1.07 in 1947)?
Buzz Aldrin
Chuck Yeager
Eddie Rickenbacker
Charles Lindbergh
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"Life in the Fast Lane" was a Top 20 single released from what band's 1976 Hotel California album?
The Beach Boys
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What Welcome Back, Kotter actor starred as a wannabe college basketball coach in the 1979 film Fast Break?
Gabe Kaplan
John Travolta
Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs
Robert Hegyes
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What candy bar's advertising slogan in the U.K. is "Have a break", while in the U.S. it's "Gimme a break"?
Hershey Bar
Kit Kat
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Which of the following fast food chains (which opened in 1951) was the first to be drive-thru only?
Taco Bell
Jack in the Box
Burger King