5 Questions: Toto's Home State

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What artist had a Top 5 pop hit with the country-flavored "Wichita Lineman" in 1968?
Glen Campbell
Freddy Fender
Charlie Rich
Conway Twitty
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David Rice Atchison was "President for a day" when what U.S. President-elect refused to be sworn in on a Sunday?
Millard Fillmore
James Buchanan
Zachary Taylor
Franklin Pierce
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Which of the following TV series was set in Dodge City?
The Big Valley
The Rifleman
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What Army lieutenant was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor at Leavenworth for his role in the My Lai Massacre?
Eddie Slovik
Barry Sadler
Jeffrey MacDonald
William Calley
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Who played a roller derby star named K.C. Carr in the 1972 film Kansas City Bomber?
Stella Stevens
Raquel Welch
Joey Heatherton