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Which of the following quotations is the first line of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's classic poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade"?
Half a league, half a league
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Do not go gentle into that good night
If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs
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What automaker manufactures a plug-in hybrid car called the Volt?
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What TV journalist was assaulted in 1986 by two attackers who kept demanding to know "Kenneth, what is the frequency"?
Walter Cronkite
Dan Rather
Peter Jennings
Tom Brokaw
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What "Brat Pack" member starred in the 1986 science fiction comedy film Short Circuit?
Molly Ringwald
Rob Lowe
Ally Sheedy
Andrew McCarthy
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The public park known as The Battery is located in what New York City borough?
Staten Island
The Bronx