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In what 1987 film starring Michael Douglas did a spurned lover kill his child's pet rabbit and leave it in a boiling pot on his stove?
Fatal Attraction
The Game
The War of the Roses
Basic Instinct
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In addition to Howard Huge, which of the following long-running syndicated comic strips was co-created (and currently written) by Bunny Hoest?
Hagar the Horrible
Mother Goose and Grimm
The Lockhorns
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Which of the following songs did David Soul, who starred on the TV police series Starsky & Hutch, take to Number One on the Billboard Pop Singles chart in 1977?
I Like Dreamin'
Don't Give Up on Us
When I Need You
Don't Leave Me This Way
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Which of the following Presidential scandals occurred during the administration of Warren G. Harding?
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Teapot Dome
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Which of the following accessories does Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny traditionally wear?
Red bowtie
White gloves
Yellow neckerchief
Porkpie hat