"Chair"-ish This Quiz

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"And...what about Naomi?" was the final question asked on each installment of "Love of Chair", a recurring skit on what PBS series?
Sesame Street
The Electric Company
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
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What singer/actor counted "Chairman of the Board" among his many nicknames?
Wayne Newton
Frank Sinatra
Mel Torme
Bing Crosby
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In 1982 Larry Walters made headlines when he successfully did which of the following with an ordinary lawnchair?
Went over Niagara Falls
Survived a fall from a roof
Was sucked into a tornado
Attached helium balloons and flew
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What accused kidnapper of Charles Lindbergh Jr. died in New Jersey State Prison's electric chair in 1936?
Julius Rosenberg
Charles Starkweather
Ted Bundy
Bruno Hauptmann
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"And no one heard at all, not even the chair", lamented singer Neil Diamond in what Top 5 Billboard Hit Single?
I Am...I Said
Song Sung Blue
Love on the Rocks
Sweet Caroline