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Which of the following planets in our Solar System has a day that lasts 24 hours and 37 minutes, just a tad longer than one Earth day?
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Stand-up comic Chris Tucker was paired with what martial arts star in the 1998 action/comedy film Rush Hour?
Chuck Norris
Jet Li
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jackie Chan
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In May 1926 what automotive manufacturer became the first major employer in the U.S. to adopt a five day, 40-hour work week for its employees?
Ford Motor Company
Studebaker Corporation
General Motors
Hudson Motor Car Company
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"In the midnight hour she cried more, more, more" is a lyric from what hit by punk rocker Billy Idol?
White Wedding
Eyes without a Face
Rebel Yell
Dancing with Myself
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What country singer had his own Goodtime Hour variety TV show from 1969-1972, which employed a then-unknown Steve Martin and Rob Reiner as staff writers?
Mac Davis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Conway Twitty
Glen Campbell