Shoot the Blood, Bud

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What prolific action hero was introduced to movie audiences in 1982's First Blood?
Dirty Harry
Snake Plissken
Mad Max
John Rambo
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Who sang (uncredited) harmony vocals on Neil Sedaka's 1975 Number One Billboard Pop Hit Single "Bad Blood"?
John Lennon
Stevie Wonder
Elton John
John Denver
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Which of the following is the device used by medical personnel to measure your blood pressure?
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What author's 1966 non-fiction novel In Cold Blood (which described the quadruple murder of the Clutter family in Kansas) is the second best-selling true crime book in publishing history?
Robert Crichton
Truman Capote
Arthur Hailey
John Updike
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Which of the following street gangs has been the long-standing main rival of The Bloods?
Young Boys Inc.
The Errol Flynns
The Crips
Folk Nation