5 Questions: Road Signs

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Cheryl Crane, who published her autobiography entitled Detour: A Hollywood Tragedy in 1988, is the daughter of what glamorous movie star?
Rita Hayworth
Lana Turner
Betty Grable
Hedy Lamarr
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"Stop the insanity" was the catchphrase of what personal trainer/weight loss infomercial guru?
Jenny Craig
Tony Little
Richard Simmons
Susan Powter
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Huntz Hall, of the Dead End Kids and later the Bowery Boys, was usually pictured wearing what type of head gear?
Baseball cap
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What band's Slippery When Wet album produced the Top 10 hit "You Give Love a Bad Name"?
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
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What guest star managed to find his way to Gilligan's Island twice in the role of lost pilot Wrong Way Feldman?
Hans Conried
Sid Caesar
Charlie Callas
Sebastian Cabot