Winston "Church"ill

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Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island of which of the following countries?
New Zealand
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Church's is the name of a fast food franchise with over 1,700 locations in 25 countries that specializes in which of the following menu items?
Fried chicken
Fish and chips
Submarine sandwiches
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What New Wave band's discography includes the two 1980s Top 5 hits "Time (Clock of the Heart)" and "Church of the Poison Mind"?
Tears for Fears
Culture Club
Duran Duran
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Thomas Haden Church played a slow-witted mechanic named "Lowell" on what TV sitcom?
Home Improvement
Night Court
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Which of his six wives was King Henry VIII seeking to divorce when he established the Church of England?
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Catherine of Aragon
Anne of Cleves