"Franklin" D. Roosevelt

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Aretha Franklin sang the theme song during Seasons 2 through 5 for what TV sitcom?
Living Single
A Different World
Sister Sister
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Benjamin Franklin appeared on what U.S. coin from 1948 until 1963?
Half dollar
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Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce on TV's M*A*S*H was nicknamed "Hawkeye" after a character in what book?
The Last of the Mohicans
The Red Badge of Courage
The Mill on the Floss
The Sun Also Rises
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Comedian Franklyn Ajaye co-starred with what singer in the deliciously bad 1980 film remake of The Jazz Singer?
Barry Manilow
Paul Simon
Neil Sedaka
Neil Diamond
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Which of the following men did NOT serve as Vice President of the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Charles Dawes
John Garner
Henry Wallace
Harry S Truman