Coal or Cole, Man

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What country music singer did Sissy Spacek portray in the 1980 film Coal Miner's Daughter, which netted her a Best Actress Academy Award?
Dolly Parton
Tammy Wynette
Loretta Lynn
Patsy Cline
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Coleman A. Young was the first African-American mayor of what major U.S. city?
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What artist, who had a Top 10 Billboard Pop Hit in 1961 with "Ya Ya", managed a similar chart position in 1966 with "Working in the Coal Mine"?
Lee Dorsey
Johnny Rivers
Wilson Pickett
Van Morrison
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A chronic, congenital disease of which organ stunted Gary Coleman's (of Diff'rent Strokes fame) growth and gave his face a child-like appearance?
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Kingsford charcoal briquettes were created when Edward Kingsford partnered with what automaker to put the wood waste generated from his company's sawmill to good use?
Horace Dodge
Henry Ford
Walter Chrysler
Ransom E. Olds