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The passengers aboard the cruise ship in the 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure were celebrating what holiday when a massive tidal wave capsized the vessel?
Valentine's Day
New Year's Eve
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What band's 1981 Number One Billboard Pop Hit "Celebration" is still a staple at weddings and parties today?
Kool & the Gang
The Oak Ridge Boys
The Spinners
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What Breakfast at Tiffany's author hosted the famous masked Black and White Ball at New York's Plaza Hotel in November 1966 for 540 of his "closest friends"?
Arthur Miller
Truman Capote
Tom Wolfe
Tennessee Williams
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Which character on the TV series Seinfeld was videotaped doing an awkward dance ("a full body dry heave set to music") during an office party?
Uncle Leo
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Folks in Great Britain celebrate November 5 by lighting fireworks and bonfires in commemoration of what man's failed assassination attempt against King James I?
Oliver Cromwell
John Felton
Guy Fawkes
Richard III