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What Charlie's Angels actress starred as a battered wife who torched her abusive husband as he slept in the 1984 made-for-TV film The Burning Bed?
Cheryl Ladd
Kate Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Jaclyn Smith
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According to frequently-run "As Seen on TV" record commercials, which of the following artists was the Master of the Pan Flute?
Ace Cannon
Slim Whitman
Boxcar Willie
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Which of the following describes what is known as a Murphy Bed?
Pulls out from beneath a twin bed
Unfolds from a sofa
Is stacked above another bed
Pulls down from the wall
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What is a Bundt pan typically used for?
Deep-frying foods
Baking a cake
Simmering soup stock
Baking a soufflé
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"The newspapers said, say what're you doing in bed?" is a line from what Beatles song?
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Come Together
I'm Only Sleeping