Royal Wedding

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Who was Fred Astaire's co-star and dance partner in the 1951 MGM musical Royal Wedding?
Jane Powell
Leslie Caron
Cyd Charisse
Ann Miller
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Brian Mulroney served as the Prime Minister of what country from 1984 until 1993?
New Zealand
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In which of the following might you find what is technically known as a Windsor knot?
An obstructed bowel
A necktie
A ship's mooring line
A rappelling rope
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Actress Meg Foster, known for her icy pale blue eyes, played a police detective for one season before being replaced by Sharon Gless on what TV series?
Police Woman
Mrs. Columbo
Amy Prentiss
Cagney & Lacey
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"Going where the weather suits my clothes" is a line from what song that was a 1969 Top 5 Billboard Pop Hit Single for Harry Nilsson?
Without You
Everybody's Talkin'
Me and My Arrow