5 Questions: Name's a City

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British actor Andrew Lincoln plays Georgia sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes on what AMC-TV series?
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
The Killing
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Which of the following comic strips features an unscrupulous attorney named Steve Dallas?
Bloom County
Alley Oop
Gasoline Alley
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What hit by John Denver was a tribute to explorer Jacques Cousteau?
Sunshine on My Shoulders
Looking for Space
Fly Away
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Who starred as a 28-year-old slacker whose wealthy father forced him to go back to elementary school in the the 1995 film comedy Billy Madison?
David Spade
Adam Sandler
Rob Schneider
Kevin James
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Bill Kirchenbauer played Coach Lubbock on what TV sitcom before he was spun off into his own series, Just the Ten of Us?
Gimme a Break
Charles in Charge
Step by Step
Growing Pains