Gardening Glossary

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What actor/presenter/director portrayed a young Kunta Kinte in the 1977 TV miniseries Roots?
LeVar Burton
Morgan Freeman
James Earl Jones
Billy Dee Williams
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Steven Weed was sharing an apartment in Berkeley, California, with Patricia Hearst when she was kidnapped by what underground revolutionary organization?
Black Panthers
Weather Underground
Direct Action
Symbionese Liberation Army
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What animated Disney film featured a skunk named "Flower"?
The Jungle Book
Peter Pan
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Which of the following characters was often described as the "plump" or "chubby, good-natured" chum in the original Franklin W. Dixon The Hardy Boys series of young adult mystery novels?
Biff Hooper
Tony Prito
Chet Morton
Ezra Collig
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Which of the following classic cocktails includes lime juice as a traditional ingredient?
Rob Roy
Rusty Nail
Old Fashioned