Hurricane Names

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Which of the following phrases did long-time nationally syndicated radio personality Paul Harvey use as his signature sign-off?
Keep you feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.
Good day.
And that's the way it is.
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What 1985 single by Katrina and the Waves has earned the band more royalties via its use in TV commercials and movie soundtracks than it did during its original release?
Walking on Sunshine
Bad to the Bone
All Star
Jump Around
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What was the surname of Mayberry's only barber, known by residents simply as "Floyd" on TV's The Andy Griffith Show?
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What actress portrayed a beautiful courtesan with a nagging cough in the 1936 MGM classic drama Camille?
Bette Davis
Paulette Goddard
Greta Garbo
Jean Arthur
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Which of the following characters was NOT a villain in the Felix the Cat TV caroon series distributed by Trans-Lux during the early 1960s?
Rock Bottom
Master Cylinder
The Professor
Atom Ant