Eagle Eyed

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Which of the following denominations of U.S. currency depicts an eagle on the reverse side?
$20 bill
$10 bill
$50 bill
$1 bill
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What automaker manufactured the Eagle from 1979 until 1987, which at one time was the only four-wheel drive passenger car produced in the U.S.?
American Motors Company
General Motors Company
Ford Motor Company
Toyota Motor Corporation
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What is the name of the official mascot of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team?
Big Red
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Which of the following men is the only President of the United States (who'd formerly served as Vice President) to have earned the rank of Eagle Scout?
John F. Kennedy
Jimmy Carter
Gerald R. Ford
Geroge W. Bush
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Which of the following examples of onmatopoeia is included in the lyrics of the Steve Miller Band's 1977 Top 5 hit single "Fly Like an Eagle"?
Tick tock
Boom boom boom
Vroom vroom