5 Questions: Groundhog's "Shadow"

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What type of high school sports team did Ken Howard's character coach on the TV series The White Shadow?
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In what classic novel did attorney Atticus Finch state "The law says a 'reasonable doubt', but I think a defendant's entitled to the shadow of a doubt"?
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
In Cold Blood
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
To Kill a Mockingbird
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What U.S. Presidential candidate "lost" the 1960 televised debate partly due to his five o'clock shadow, but "won" according to the radio audience?
Richard Nixon
Adlai Stevenson
Barry Goldwater
Hubert Humphrey
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Which of the following British singers had a back-up band called the Shadows in the 1960s?
Adam Faith
Billy Fury
Cliff Richard
Tommy Steele
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Shadowfax is a noble steed who could run faster than the wind and understand human speech in what fantasy novel series?
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Hunger Games