5 Questions: Be My "Valentin"e

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What was the first name of Mallory's grungy artist boyfriend, played by Scott Valentine, on the TV sitcom Family Ties?
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In June 1963 Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to do what?
Defect from the Soviet Union
Swim across the English Channel
Fly in space
Win the Nobel Prize for Literature
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Rudolph Valentino's classic 1921 silent film The Sheik was set in what African nation?
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"When you were thirteen you were my funny Valentine" is a line from what hit by Neil Sedaka?
Calendar Girl
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Laughter in the Rain
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Actor Gary Valentine is the real life brother of Kevin James, and played the latter's cousin on what long-running TV series?
Everybody Loves Raymond
How I Met Your Mother
The King of Queens
Just Shoot Me