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Which of the following actors played "Number Two" (second-in-command under Dr. Evil) in the 1999 film comedy Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?
Robert Wagner
Patrick Macnee
Roger Moore
Alan Rickman
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"Big Log" was a Top 20 Billboard Pop Hit Single released from a 1983 solo album by Robert Plant, who was best known as the lead singer for what band?
Van Halen
Led Zeppelin
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Poopdeck Pappy was a character featured in what syndicated comic strip?
Hagar the Horrible
Frank and Ernest
Boner's Ark
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Sergeant Deux-Deux is the right-hand ran to the Inspector in what animated cartoon series?
Klondike Kat
Q.T. Hush
The Pink Panther
Jonny Quest
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What band had five hit singles off of their 1994 album Dookie, which hit #2 album on the Billboard Album Chart?
Alice in Chains
Green Day
Stone Temple Pilots
Pearl Jam