5 Questions: "Hall" Monitors

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Which of the following Armed Forces songs mentions "the halls of Montezuma" in the lyrics?
Anchors Aweigh
Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder
The Caisson Song
The Marines' Hymn
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What is the first name of the "Hall" portion of the musical duo known as Hall and Oates?
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Who was the original host of the Fox Network's The Late Show, before Arsenio Hall eventually landed the job for 13 weeks in 1987?
Chevy Chase
Magic Johnson
Danny Bonaduce
Joan Rivers
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The Hall of Mirrors is the central gallery in what historic building?
Palace of Versailles
San Simeon
St. Peter's Basilica
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Besides The Breakfast Club, in what other John Hughes film did Anthony Michael Hall co-star with Molly Ringwald?
Pretty in Pink
Some Kind of Wonderful
Sixteen Candles
She's Having a Baby