Red Shoe Day

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The Hunt for Red October, published in 1984, was what prolific writer's debut novel?
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Clive Cussler
Tom Clancy
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What New Wave artist insisted that he [sic] "don't drink, don't smoke" in his 1982 Billboard Pop Hit "Goody Two Shoes"?
Adam Ant
Tommy Tutone
Billy Idol
Howard Jones
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When Trix cereal was originally introduced, the flavors were advertised as "lemon yellow", "orange orange" and what type of red?
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Besides on the feet of patrons, where else in a Las Vegas casino would you most likely find a device known as a "shoe"?
Craps table
Roulette wheel
Blackjack table
Slot machines
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In the classic 1948 film The Red Shoes, actress Moira Shearer portrayed which of the following type of performers?
Tap dancer
Circus acrobat