On the Dinner Table

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Which of the following dinosaurs was known for the double row of kite-shaped plates along its neck and back?
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Ira Glass has been the host of which the following syndicated NPR radio programs since 1995?
This American Life
Fresh Air
All Things Considered
Here & Now
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What U.S. President visited China in 1972, which resulted in the gifting of two giant pandas to Washington D.C.'s National Zoo?
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
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What actress (who was once married to composer Burt Bacharach) played Sgt. "Pepper" Anderson on the TV series Police Woman?
Julie London
Sheree North
Beverly Garland
Angie Dickinson
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What group had a Top 5 Billboard Pop Hit Single in 1968 with the ethereally melodic "Crystal Blue Persuasion"?
Gary Puckett & the Union Gap
The Grass Roots
The Rascals
Tommy James and the Shondells