5 Questions: Blackjack Table

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What group had a Top 10 hit in the U.S. in 1989 with "Stand"?
Fine Young Cannibals
Milli Vanilli
Simply Red
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Which of the following is NOT a component of KFC's Double Down sandwich?
Sesame seed bun
Secret sauce
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Stan Musial played first base for what Major League Baseball team for 22 seasons?
Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates
Brooklyn Dodgers
St. Louis Cardinals
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Who starrred as Chicago Cubs hopeful Roy Hobbs in the 1984 film The Natural?
Harrison Ford
Mel Gibson
Robert Redford
James Woods
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What former Nickolodeon star was charged in two separate hit-and-run accidents in 2012?
Jamie Lynn Spears
Amanda Bynes
Melissa Joan Hart
Christine Taylor