Under the Hood

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Which of the following rap songs, which was also a Billboard Top 10 Pop Single, was used by the Detroit Pistons as their theme song/rallying cry when they won the 1990 NBA Championship?
Ice Ice Baby
U Can't Touch This
Baby Got Back
Bust a Move
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Which of the following terms was NOT used to describe oil in the theme song to the TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies?
Texas tea
Bubbling crude
Black gold
Slippery dip
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What actor dared viewers to knock an Eveready battery off of his shoulder in a series of 1970s-era TV commercials?
Robert Conrad
Robert Stack
Robert Reed
Robert Culp
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The asteroid belt is located in our Solar System between Mars and what other planet?
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What magazine has given high marks to a variety of products and services with its official "Seal of Approval" since 1909?
Ladies Home Journal
Good Housekeeping
Better Homes and Gardens