Kara On My Wayward "Son"

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Which of the following products did child actor Mason Reese advertise in an iconic TV commercial?
Life cereal
Underwood Deviled Ham
Oscar Mayer bologna
Jack in the Box restaurants
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What TV sitcom, which featured an extraterrestrial as a main character, featured said star communicating with an unseen superior named Orson at the end of each episode?
Small Wonder
3rd Rock from the Sun
Mork & Mindy
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What branch of the U.S. military adopted its official song from a melody originally entitled "The Caisson Song"?
Air Force
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Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson made headlines in 1997 when he bit the ear of what competitor?
Evander Holyfield
Oscar de la Hoya
Thomas Hearns
Marvin Hagler
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In what 1992 film did Jennifer Jason Leigh answer Bridget Fonda's ad for a roommate only to eventually hold her hostage and terrorize her?
Basic Instinct
Single White Female
Fatal Attraction
Cape Fear