5 Questions: On the "Fritz"

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What was unusual about the full-length animated feature Fritz the Cat when it was released in 1972?
It was silent
It was black and white
It was rated X
It was just over four hours long
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Walter "Fritz" Mondale served as Vice President of the United States under which President?
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
George H.W. Bush
Richard Nixon
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What actor played the mentally disturbed child murderer in Fritz Lang's classic 1931 thriller M?
Boris Karloff
Frederic March
Peter Lorre
Wallace Beery
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Fritzi Ritz is the aunt of what titular comic strip character?
Mary Worth
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Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe co-star on what TV reality series, buying "rusty gold" on America's back roads?
American Pickers
Antiques Roadshow
Storage Wars
Auction Hunters