5 Questions: Dodge Cars III

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Who hit Number One on the Pop Chart in 1978 with "Shadow Dancing"?
Shaun Cassidy
Andy Gibb
Barry Manilow
Bob Welch
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Who starred as the Durango Kid in a series of Western films for Columbia Pictures?
Dan Duryea
Tim Holt
William Boyd
Charles Starrett
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What author had his classic science fiction novel Journey to the Center of the Earth first published in 1864?
H.G. Wells
Rudyard Kipling
Jules Verne
Samuel Butler
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What impresario financed a concert tour starring Chubby Checker, Bobby Darin and Bo Diddley (among others) called the Caravan of Stars?
Dick Clark
Sid Bernstein
Bill Graham
Alan Freed
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The First Avenger is the subtitle of what Marvel Cinematic Universe film?
Iron Man
Captain America