1970s Dances

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Who starred as conman Irving Rosenfeld, who worked with the FBI in the ABSCAM sting in the 2013 film American Hustle?

Joaquin Phoenix
Christian Bale
Bradley Cooper
Robert Pattinson
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What germophobic game show host uses a fist bump instead of a handshake when greeting contestants?

Jeff Foxworthy
Steve Harvey
Drew Carey
Howie Mandel
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What British group hit the Top 5 on both sides of the Atlantic in 1966 with "Bus Stop"?

The Mindbenders
The Cyrkle
The Hollies
Gerry and the Pacemakers
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What novel by Ray Bradbury features a robot dog who aids the "firemen" who destroy banned books?

The Martian Chronicles
Fahrenheit 451
The Illustrated Man
Something Wicked This Way Comes
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Which of the following bands entitled their debut album Freak Out!?

The Mothers of Invention
Ultimate Spinach
Electric Prunes
Curved Air