5 Questions: I Pity the "Fool"

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Which of the following minerals is commonly referred to as "fool's gold"?

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What venerable actor played the wily freelance construction worker who constantly flirted with the local contractor's wife in the 1994 film Nobody's Fool?

Clint Eastwood
Paul Newman
Christopher Plummer
Charlton Heston
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"Fool in the Rain" was the last U.S. single released by what group before they disbanded in 1980?

The Who
The Eagles
Led Zeppelin
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"Foolscap" refers to a size of paper that is roughly equivalent to which of the following paper sizes in the U.S.?

Letter size
Index card
Legal size
Business card
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What comedian's live album Occupation: Foole contained the track "Filthy Words", which expanded upon the original seven that couldn't be said on television?

Steve Martin
Richard Pryor
George Carlin
Redd Foxx