5 Questions: Infantile

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News footage of Baby Jessica being rescued from a Texas well was used in the music video for what Michael Jackson song?

Leave Me Alone
Black or White
Man in the Mirror
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Frances "Baby" Houseman, Jennifer Grey's character in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, was named after Frances Perkins, who held what distinction in U.S. history?

First woman to vote
First female in the Presidential Cabinet
First woman to join the Army
First female Surgeon General
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Until he was overthrown in 1986, "Baby Doc" Duvalier was the president of what nation?

El Salvador
Sri Lanka
Papua New Guinea
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What type of animal is Harvey Comics' Baby Huey?

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What Ziegfeld Follies alumnus played the title character on the top-rated radio series The Baby Snooks Show?

Fanny Brice
Josephine Baker
Helen Morgan
Sophie Tucker