Labor Day

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Jennifer Beals' character worked at what trade during the day before retiring to dance exotically at night?

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President Ronald Reagan fired the striking members of the PATCO trade union in 1981, all of whom held what type of aviation-related job?

Baggage handlers
Air traffic controllers
Security screeners
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What New York City mayor read the Sunday funnies over the radio when the city's newspaper carriers went on strike in 1945?

John Lindsay
Fiorello LaGuardia
Ed Koch
Abraham Beame
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Who played Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa in the 1992 biopic Hoffa?

Al Pacino
Tom Skerritt
Daniel Day-Lewis
Jack Nicholson
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What CBS sitcom starred Herschel Bernardi as  a loading dock foreman who was promoted to a white collar executive position?

Calucci's Department
Bracken's World