5 Questions: Call It a Day

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"Good morning America, how are you?" is a line from the chorus of what Arlo Guthrie hit?

Alice's Restaurant
City of New Orleans
The Motorcycle Song
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The 1912 ballet Afternoon of a Faun was choreographed by what Russian dancer?

George Balanchine
Vaslav Nijinsky
Anna Pavlova
Rudolf Nureyev
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What pop singer had a #1 hit in 1973 with the country-tinged "Delta Dawn"?

Olivia Newton-John
Diana Ross
Carly Simon
Helen Reddy
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What artist's painting entitled The Night Watch hangs prominently in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum?

Vincent van Gogh
Piet Mondrian
Leonardo Da Vinci
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Who co-starred with Quentin Tarantino as a bank robber headed for Mexico in the 1996 cult favorite From Dusk till Dawn?

Steve Buscemi
Nicolas Cage
George Clooney
Edward Norton