5 Questions: Spanish Numerals

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Which of the following is NOT one of the "action" cards contained in the deck in the card game Uno?

Draw Two
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What words of advice does The Most Interesting Man in the World sign off with in each of his Dos Equis TV commercials?

Be yourself.
Stay thirsty, my friends.
Let your taste travel.
Reach for greatness.
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What band's Tres Hombres album included the single "La Grange"?

The Allman Brothers Band
ZZ Top
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Grand Funk Railroad
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What color is the fruit of the quince tree when fully ripe?

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The wide receiver formerly known as Chad Ochocinco currently plays for what team in the Canadian Football League?

Edmonton Eskimos
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts