5 Questions: Ammo

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What singer/songwriter's backing group was known as the Silver Bullet Band?

Tom Petty
Bob Seger
Bruce Springsteen
John Mellencamp
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Before they became the Washington Bullets in 1973, what city claimed this NBA team as its own for the previous 10 years?

Baton Rouge
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The "single bullet theory" is one theory that has been given to explain the assassination of what public figure?

Indira Gandhi
Anwar Sadat
John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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What comic strip character owns a dog named Ol' Bullet?

Li'l Abner
Snuffy Smith
Smokey Stover
Andy Capp
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What brand of beer is nicknamed the "Silver Bullet" due to the color of the can in which it's packaged?

Miller Lite
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Coors Light