5 Questions: "Express" Yourself

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The starting point of the Pony Express mail service was in the city of St. Joseph in which U.S. state?

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John Moschitta, Jr., who appeared in a series of TV commercials for Federal Express, has an entry in the Guinness Book for what record?

World's tallest man
Largest credit card collection
Most frequent flier miles
World's fastest talker
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What actress won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role as nurse Greta Ohlsson in Murder on the Orient Express?

Ingrid Bergman
Madeline Kahn
Mia Farrow
Ellen Burstyn
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Which of the following questions was once an advertising slogan used by American Express?

Where do you want to go today?
Fun anyone?
Can you hear me now?
Do you know me?
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The Ohio Express had a Top 5 hit in the U.S. in 1968 with what bubblegum tune?

Simon Says
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Hanky Panky
Bang Shang-A-Lang